Designer’s Portfolio is a remarkable firm in interior designing that uses a versatile approach for designing your home or workplace in a unique way. We at Designers Portfolio understand this basic requirement and strive to avail you the same. Our experts have worked extensively starting from modern designs to mid-century designs. We have served our clients based on along with a specific touch of the client’s persona.

Every project is unique and we strive to deliver the best. With your continuous suggestions and ideas, our designers will furnish the elite styles for you. As far as the spiritual side is concerned, we encourage our clients to speak up their mind on the same. We understand that it is very important to hold on to positivity in life. Your beliefs in feng shui or your trust in vastu or any other faith to bring more positivity around the place you reside or work. Rest assured when you engage us for your home improvement endeavors.

The firm is led by Mr. Nilesh Sharma, founder and executive head of Designer’s Portfolio. He has years of experience, both with the drawing board and on field as well. His taste, designing skills and styles is reflected in all of our projects. His designing knowledge and talent is being displayed by having won the “Birla White Yuvaratna Awards – 2010) under his belt.

What we do

Interior Design affects how people live and move through space, and interacts with their interior environments on a daily basis, across the globe.

We refine your interior space to the highest level of comfort, functionality and aesthetic quality. When we design, we are thinking of how to transform your interior and make your quality of life and work better.

Our Philosophy : Beauty with functionality and personality

Interiors are supposed to be beautiful, yes, but they are also meant to be functional and safe. We believe that your interiors are not just limited to walls and floor. Rather, it forms an extension of your personality. Simply by walking through your doors, a visitor should be able to know more about you.

Work Process – How we do your Interiors

  1. Meeting and discussion. Here we try to find out as much as possible about your needs, goals, and vision. What style works and doesn’t work for you.
  2. We then use your inputs in our planning and designing process.
  3. We present you with preliminary design concepts for approval. We take efforts to make these aesthetic and functional.
  4. Once approved, we prepare working drawings and specifications. These include (but are not limited to) space planning, fixtures, ceiling plans, lightings, interior detailing, materials to be used, appropriate finishings, furnishings, and equipments.

We constantly review and evaluate these designs, during implementation and right uptil completion.

We Create Professional,
and Dream Interiors