We all dream of a that is highly styled and portray volumes about our personality. If you have a fondness for home interiors and are looking for some exciting ways to spice up your home interior then you have arrived to the right firm. Yes, its “Designer’s Portfolio”

There are unlimited preferences for interior concepts but what is important is to know where to look and how to get the best of ideas that are soft on your pocket and give a good outcome.  While the internet is flooding with a wide collection of options, it is important to know what suits your requirements and gives you the desired result. Whether it is, decoration, redesigning, renovation your living space or just changing the theme for the upcoming festive season, reason can be unlimited. Your home interiors should be appealing at the same time refined and simple, with good, aesthetics, utility and functionality.

Perk up Your Home with some must-haves

While you may be constantly looking for concept to perk up your home, there are some must-haves that you should not miss out on, if you want to add that extra bit to your space and make it a cut above the rest of it.

Amazing Lighting Effects will definitely make a statement for you.

Whether it’s your, bedroom, living room, or patio every part of your house is incomplete without proper lighting effects. Chandeliers serve as great lighting effects for contemporary look whereas table lamps and floor lamps add great light touch and balance the play of shadow and lighting in the entire home décor.

Make use of Rugs & Carpets

Rugs and Carpets are a must have and add great texture and color to the home. A living room look is totally incomplete if it is not made up of  with a admiring rug. Be it a kids or bedroom, ample of design options and shapes are solely and can also be customized to suit your  needs. The most preferred option is a synthetic rug that is convenient to maintain and wash and can be rolled up and kept aside when not needed.

Your dream house would be incomplete without a small study or reading place that has a heap of a range of books from best sellers to all-time favorites. The concept is to innovate a space that gives a calming effect and switches you off after a long day of work or just coil up and read on a rainy day, sipping some hot coffee and beaverages.

No Compromise on Your home Budget

Having said that, you must not go overboard with styling your home so that it leaves you with a hand to mouth situation, but as a substitute, plan a budget and save your hard-earned money accordingly.

A luxurious and classy style can be achieved with some amount of spending, and you should not settle yourself for the minimum when making your Appealing place that is the central part of your living.

Accessories made in Wood

Wooden accessories are a essential in your home, be it in the form of chest of drawers, furniture and cupboard or wall piece. A simple wooden framed mirror too adds a rich touch and so much of dimensions and lifts the place to a huge degree of aesthetics and functionality.

Need to Add up a Personal Touch

By putting up something in the form of handmade items and art to give it your feel. Nothing can be better than your wall decorating an interesting mural or art piece you did long ago or something you would like to cherish from your old collection list. Absolutely wall featured to your inspiring work will give you a strong connect with your home and bring out your personality and style through it.

Now, after having gone through these ideas, you are in no way short of exciting ways to have a perfect living space for you. For more such ideas and professional guidance, you can get in touch with us. We are leading and premier budget interior designers in Bangalore and we will cater to all your interior needs under one roof with our professional knowledge and experience.