Vastu Shastra

Many people are of the opinion that Vastu Shashtra only relates to the construction and design aspect of the space or property. However, the truth is completely different as it is as important as the planning phase of the space. A home constructed as per norms of the Vastu shashtra lacking interiors not as per vastu shashtra principles could lead to an unbalance in the overall vastu shashtra of the property because it is indirectly associated with the positiveness and negativeness of the space. It is strongly believed that if the interiors are done like furniture, accessories are arranged as per the norms of the Vastu Shashtra then it will benefit the occupants with prosperity, welfare, health into the home.

Vastu principles aim to establish harmony by using the five basic elements earth, water, fire, air, and space. It is believed that if the furniture, accessories, and interiors are arranged according to Vastu  Shastra, then, it will usher prosperity, health, and welfare into the household. Each room has eight directions.

Vastu believes in cosmic fields and positive energy. Vastu based interiors use colors, direction, patterns, symmetry, and alignments, to harness these fields and energies.

This, in turn, leads to positive thinking, good health, and prosperity for you.Nowadays however it is not possible to find fully Vastu-based residences. However, by following proper Vastu principles in your Interior Designing plans, you can improve your Vastu. Designer’s Portfolio provides you the best  vastu consultancy and Vastu based Interior Designs.

Your home is not just a brick and mortar structure; it is your living space. It is an extension of your mental space and reflects your overall personality. Just as our tastes in interior influences our choices in design, color, and looks. Similarly, these designs, colors also influence our social and personal life, thoughts, moods, behavior, and success. Almost each and every part of our life is linked to our homes. Therefore it makes sense to have your home designed in the best possible way so that it contributes to your peace, happiness, and success.



Vastu doesn’t just apply to residences. Your business should also be in tune with Vastu, so that management and employees work in harmony to achieve success.

Vastu for commercial spaces are designed to draw from natural elements and improve energy levels in the working environment. The Vastu for office involve many parameters, and applying these to your  office space will in turn lead to positive thinking, healthy work environment, and prosperity for you.